Taming Your Pet Budgie

How to Tame a Budgie

A budgie is a member of the parrot family and is one of the smartest birds that a person can have as a pet provided that you know how to tame a budgie. They can be both loyal and charming, and make for great entertainment. After having acquired your own budgie, it is simply the matter of taming it enough to let itself be adopted into your family.

Key Factors in How to Tame Budgies

Knowing how to tame a budgie correctly is easier than it sounds. It generally involves time, effort and patience. A person should only get a budgie if he or she is willing to work hard to make the budgie comfortable and become a part of the family.

Trust is the main ingredient you need in taming your budgie. It can take a long time for a budgie to feel comfortable in a new home, so you must avoid startling it or yelling when near it.

Trust also takes a long time to build, but it can be done in the most simple of ways. Simply taking time to talk to it, give it your attention, and make sure its cage is suitable for living in can help in making your budgie relax.

The more time you spend with your budgie, the better and faster it will get used to you. At the same time, try not to over crowd it with your attentions and give it time to be by itself or with your other budgies.

Tips for Owning Budgies

Although you may feel secure already in your ability to tame your parakeet, it never hurts to keep some pointers in mind to help you maintain that newly acquired level of trust. Here are some pieces of advice that you can use before, during and after trying to tame your budgie:

  • Take some time every day to stop and spend a moment or two with your budgie.
  • Talk gently to your budgie and never make loud noises.
  • Move slowly as sudden movements will startle your budgie and make it wary.
  • Be patient when trying to coax a response from newly acquired budgies, as it will still be wary of you.
  • If your budgie is a fast learner, then good for you! Otherwise, do not expect it to respond positively straight away.

Where You Can Get Help in Budgie Taming

You can get advice from a professional parakeet handler in your local pet shop or at the vet’s. He or she will be able to give you pointers on what to do and what not to do when integrating a new budgie into your life. Problems may also be pointed out and corrected, in case you notice any strange behavior. You can also ask your friends and family members who have had experience in owning a budgie.

There are also certain media available for you to use in getting tips on taming your budgie. This could be anything from books to videos. Although books are the most common option, videos are generally considered to be the best guides in learning how to tame budgies. This is because they give pet budgie owners both an audible and visual guide in learning how to handle their budgies.


Taming Pet Budgies| How to Tame a Budgie or Parakeet

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