How to Train a Budgie to Talk

How to Train a Budgie to Talk

One of the many tricks that a budgie can learn is how to talk. It is one of the few birds in this world with the ability to imitate human speech, a fact that has been taken advantage of for many years now. They can make all sorts of noises, from clicks to speaking to even singing, and are amongst the top five in the parrot species to be good at mimicry. This is one of the best reasons that explain the popularity of budgies, and make them appealing to kids and adults alike.

Teach It Yourself or Get Someone Else?

The general practice when it comes to training a budgie to talk is to do it yourself. When you train your budgie to talk, the lessons will implement themselves more easily into the budgie’s habits if it is only one person doing the teaching. Having someone do the lessons and then someone else coming along to use the commands will only cause your budgie unnecessary confusion and delayed learning.

Besides, budgies rely on trust for them to train properly. If it trusts the trainer enough to do the commands, the budgie may not trust you. That’s frustrating to say the least.

The other downside of having someone else teaching your budgie how to talk is the money it may cost. Spending money on a professional budgie trainer is something many people are not willing to go through with, besides the obvious confusion the budgie will be in. Training budgies to talk also takes time, and it is not worth the effort of hiring someone for so long.

Training a Budgie to Talk

When you decide to train your budgie to talk, it helps to have already taught it the basic lessons of accepting your hand and perching on your finger. This will help you establish the bond of trust between you and your bird, thereby making it easier for you to get it to learn the tricks.

The basic method for teaching your bird how to speak is simple. It is mainly just repeating a word or small phrase over and over, slowly and carefully. A small reward every time it responds will encourage it to repeat its action. It takes dedication and a lot of practice before the budgie will grasp the lesson, but it is worth it.

References to Help You

There are many things that you can have to help you in training budgies to talk. One is getting advice from a professional trainer, or at least a person who definitely knows what he or she is doing. They may be able to help you both with words and with physical techniques.

You can also watch videos and read books about training budgies. Most, if not all, of them will contain information on how to train a budgie to talk, along with many helpful pointers. Some people prefer using the video method, despite its relatively higher price range compared to books, as they give both visual and audible advice.


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