How to Train a Budgie to Step Up

How to Train a Budgie to Step Up

It feels great when your budgie would go to you and step up to your hand or finger when you want to take it out of its cage. It makes you feel that you are both familiar and comfortable with each other. It also makes you feel that your bird trusts you and thinks that you are its friend and provider.

But for first-time bird owners, they think that it is way too difficult to have their parakeet get used to them and step up onto their fingers. Well, that is true, especially if your bird is new, but if you know how to train a budgie to step up, it will be much easier.

Training your Parakeet to Step Up

  • Get the Materials

You will need a perch and some treats like millet before you start training. Get those ready then open your bird’s cage and see if your bird is relaxed when it sees that the cage is open.

  • Get Your Bird to Step Up

Put the perch in front of your bird and try to get it to step up by offering treats. Then, put your index finger on the perch and try to get it to step up again. After a couple of successful tries, try to make your budgie to step up to your finger, without the perch. Give some treats and praise it whenever it has successfully stepped up on your finger. Repeat this for a couple of minutes a day until your parakeet gets familiar with the trick.


How to Train a Budgie to Step Up| Parakeet Stepping Up to Finger

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