How to Train a Budgie to Fly to You

How to Train a Budgie to Fly to You

Learning how to train a budgie to fly to you is not a really hard task. Because budgies are smart and social creatures, teaching them things is not that tough. But because they are intelligent, they do not trust easily. Thus, teaching parakeets stuff takes time and patience. You have to gain your budgies trust before you can teach it tricks especially if you want to learn how to train a budgie to come to you.

Knowing how to teach a budgie to come to you is not a simple task. It may not be very hard but it will consume a lot of time and patience on your part and on your parakeet’s part. So be sure that you are determined to do this and you are patient enough to do this training again and again.

Training a Budgie to Fly to You

  • Trust

The first thing that you would have to do before you can teach your budgie to come to you is to gain its trust. Be around it all of the time for the first couple of weeks – if your budgie is new – and change its food frequently. You want to make your bird see and realize that you are not a threat.

Try to take it out of the cage after a couple of days – of being with it all day long – and do stuff near your bird. You can just browse the Internet or read book or do your homework while your parakeet is on a perch beside you. This will make your bird familiar with you and its new surroundings.

  • Practice

After you have gained your budgie’s trust, you can start teaching it to fly to you. You might want to take it out of the cage and bring it somewhere where your bird can’t see its home. This way, it won’t fly to its cage and would stay more focused on your training.

  • Treats

You can stand or sit close to your budgie the first time you try to teach your parakeet to fly to you. Offer treats and call its name to have its attention and have it come to you. Once your bird starts going to you, you can go farther. Go a foot farther so that it will be used in flying to you on long distances, say, from its cage to your bed.

You don’t want to stress your budgie on your training so try to minimize your exercises into two minutes per day only.

  • Cage

Once your bird gets the hang of it, you can try making your parakeet come to you from its cage. Try to open its cage and have your bird fly to you by calling its name and offering some treats. You can also start by standing quite near the cage then get a little farther every few successful tries. Keep doing this exercise for about two minutes every day until your budgie has gotten used to it and has mastered flying to you. You can try calling its name without offering treats to see if it will recognize you and come to you when you call it.


How to Train a Budgie to Fly to You| Parkakeet Flying to Shoulder or Finger

budgielover April 2, 2016 at 6:37 am

I don’t know about this method Because I did every single thing you said to do and I didn’t get a single wing flap just a big skreech. WHAT DO I DO HELP ME. Is my budgie sick?

C0dy warren May 5, 2016 at 3:55 pm

Need some help teaching my7 bird to fly to me.

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