How to Train a Budgie Not to Bite

How to Train a Budgie Not to Bite

Budgies are very friendly birds. But some of them bite because they think that every time you put your hand or finger in front of them, you are giving them food. That is normal but if you want your parakeet to learn not to bite, you must know how to train a budgie not to bite.

This training may seem hard for first-time owners but it really is not. You just have to have a lot of patience in training your bird. You also have to be consistent in your training so that your bird won’t get confused and could easily adapt to your exercises.

How to Teach Your Bird Not to Bite

Before you teach your budgie not to bite, you should know first the kind of food that it really likes. Giving your bird its favorite treat will encourage it to learn the tricks that you are trying to teach – because it wants to get the reward.

  • Get Your Bird Out of the Cage

Once you have your budgie’s favorite treat, get it out of the cage and put it somewhere where it can’t see its cage. Your parakeet will just likely return to its cage once they see it so try to get it out of sight during your trainings.

  • Start the Training

Once you are both in a comfortable place, try to put your finger in front of your bird. It is bites, do not give a treat. But if doesn’t praise it and offer some reward. Do this for a couple of minutes until your bird gets familiar with your hand and stops biting it.


How to Train a Budgie Not to Bite| Parakeet Biting

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