How to Shoulder Train a Pet Budgie

budgie-parakeet-on-shoulderA Guide to Shoulder Training Budgie

Many pet budgie owners have time and time again trained their budgie to do certain tricks. This includes getting them to come when called, making them stand on their finger, and even speak like a human. One of the more popular tricks, however, is getting the budgie to stand on the shoulder of its owner. It is a trick that has been inspired by the standard picture of a pirate captain with his parrot on his shoulder, and is one that can help strengthen the trust you have with your bird. This is why as an owner, you have to learn shoulder training budgie.

How to Do It

This is the basic rundown of the process of getting your budgie shoulder trained.

  • Go through the process of teaching your budgie to be unafraid of your hand, to the point where it naturally perches on your finger.
  • After it is used to being on your finger, carefully transfer your budgie to your shoulder.
  • Let it get used to being on your shoulder first before trying to move. It is best to have several sessions with just letting your budgie stay on your shoulder until it is comfortable.
  • With the budgie on your shoulder, slowly start to move around the room. It will take some time before your budgie is completely comfortable in riding on your shoulder.

You or Someone Else?

Like all budgie tricks and lessons, the best teacher is you the owner. Handling your pet budgie requires trust between you and the budgie. It is much harder for the budgie to learn from someone it barely knows and has no trust for. Plus, it may even lead to the budgie becoming more attached to the other person.

Useful Tips in Shoulder Training Your Budgie

Although you may already feel secure in your knowledge of budgie shoulder training, it never hurts to know a bit more than necessary. You can get advice from fellow budgie owners or even professional budgie handlers. Some of the most common advice that you will be given include:

  • Never move around quickly when your budgie is on your shoulder, especially if it is still adjusting to the new perch.
  • Make sure your budgie is relaxed and trusting before you attempt to make it do what you want.
  • Use persuasion to coax your budgie and never force.
  • Because your budgie will be right next to your head, it is even more suggested for you to avoid making loud noises.
  • Patience and a lot of practice will help you get the results you desire.

Where to Get Help

You can get a variety of help in budgie shoulder training through books written by professional budgie caretakers. You can get these books at a local bookstore or at a local pet shop, which would be able to recommend certain titles to you.

You can also watch videos by purchasing them from a video store or through an online store. Some websites even host free videos for you to gather information from. Some caution must be taken in viewing the free videos as some are made by complete amateurs. Make sure that the video you are going to watch was made by a professional budgie handler.


Guide to Shoulder Training Budgies| How to Shoulder Train a Pet Budgie

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