How to Get Your Budgie or Parakeet to Trust You

How to Get Your Budgie or Parakeet to Trust You

Getting a new pet budgie is very exciting. Because they are very social and intelligent, you know that you can teach it tricks. But before you start any training, you should make your parakeet trust and be comfortable with you first. You should know how to get your budgie or parakeet to trust you so that your trainings will be successful and stress-free.

This kind of training is not hard but it takes time. Do understand that your new pet doesn’t know you at first and would be afraid of you during the first few days. But with proper care, you would be able to make your budgie trust you.

Getting Your Budgie’s Trust

  • Stay By Your Parakeet’s Side

To let your new bird know that you are not a threat, you should always stay by its side. If you can, don’t leave its side for the first few days. Always do your stuff near your new budgie, like surfing the net or doing your homework, so that it will be familiar with you.

  • Care for Your New Parakeet Properly

To gain your new pet’s trust, take care of it properly. Always change its food and water and clean its cage carefully.

  • Get Your Bird Out of the Cage

After a couple of days, you can now try to get your bird out of the cage. Then do your stuff beside your parakeet to make it familiar with you. Then, try to make it step up to your hand. Once it steps up, it shows that it is trusting you already.

How to Get Your Budgie or Parakeet to Trust You

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love pokemon January 2, 2016 at 6:25 pm

My parakeet gaind my trust by sitting on my finger and everything tell my cusian cam and started grabing it and chasing it that now it lost every ones trust plz help my mom said if I don’t gain its trust back it gose bye bye and it took me 11 years to beg mom for it and she finly got it plz plz help me and when I com a foot close to it it starts to fly every where and it almost broke its neck so I need deep help plz help.


yass becky yass March 21, 2016 at 9:23 pm

thxs im going to try the edvice u gave mebecause my 5 parakeets are crazy lol IJK have a blessed easter bye


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