Hand Training Budgies

How to Train a Budgie to Sit On Your Finger

Hand trained budgies are a joy and delight for any pet owner so it’s a good idea to learn how to train a budgie to sit on your finger. With their charming personalities and clever minds, budgies have been a vast source of enjoyment for years. It is usually a slow process to teach a budgie to do certain tricks, but the results can be very rewarding when finally performed.

Basic Steps in Budgie Finger Training

Getting your budgie to sit on your finger is one of the most basic of tricks for hand trained budgies. It mainly consists of encouraging your budgie to become used to your presence and to treat your hand as a natural perch. The basic outline of the training occurs as follows:

  • Place your hand inside the cage and allow your budgie to become accustomed to the close proximity of your hand.
  • Move your hand slowly nearer the bird, making sure not to startle it.
  • Giving it small treats while making comforting noises will help the bird to relax in your presence.
  • After the budgie is used to your hand being close to it, carefully place your finger in front of its feet and lightly touch them.
  • The budgie should be comfortable enough to step onto your finger from its perch, though several tries will probably have to be taken.

Tips in Knowing How to Finger Train Budgie

There is nothing wrong in having little extra bits of help to make sure that you know what you are doing with your budgie. Here are some of the more common pointers in learning how to finger train a budgie.

  • Do not make any sudden movements or loud noises as they will only distress your budgie and make it wary of you.
  • Bring your hand to the budgie slowly so that it can get used to it being there. It will not appreciate you suddenly putting your hand in its face.
  • You can use a stick to encourage your budgie to step on first, before transferring it to your finger.
  • Make sure that the room is sealed off and free from any cats and dogs, so as to prevent accidents or sudden escapes.

Why Is It Better To Train The Budgie Yourself?

Some people are more inclined to have a professional trainer take care of teaching their budgie certain tricks. However, the general consensus on this is that it is much better to do it yourself. Budgies learn easier when they only have to deal with one person, and if you are the one doing it, the bird will be much more used to you giving it commands. Having someone else teach it can make the budgie confused and unsure as to whom it should trust.

References on How to Hand Train Parakeets

There are many references that help explain and demystify the proper way to hand train budgie. They can be found on the Internet, provided either by professionals or by people sharing commonly unknown tricks. You can also look in a local pet store to see if there are any guides in budgie finger training.


Hand Training Budgies| How to Train a Budgie to Sit On Your Finger

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