How to Train a Budgie or Parakeet

parakeet shoulder trainingHow to Train a Budgie

Budgies, formally known as parakeets, are members of the parrot family, and it’s very easy to learn how to train a budgie. They can be taught to imitate a human speaking and even perform various tricks. For an owner of budgies, this can be a very entertaining thing to watch.

When it comes to budgie training, the key is to let your budgie become accustomed to following your commands. The better your relationship with your budgie is, the easier it will be to teach it to learn many things.

Benefits of Training Your Parakeet Yourself

Budgie training can be done by a professional trainer or by yourself. However, there is something about teaching your pet on your own that gives an edge that never comes if you ask someone else to do it. The benefits of being the one to train your own budgies are:

    • Your budgie will be completely used to you, whereas having a professional trainer would cause it to force itself to accommodate more than one person’s orders.
    • As the owner, you know your budgie’s personality and quirks that makes it an individual, thereby being the only one who can successfully incorporate those factors into its training.
    • You will share a sense of completion and pride whenever you manage to teach your budgie a new trick.
    • Teaching your budgie to do things will inevitably lead to you spending more and more time with your pet; a perfect way to help you further your trust and relationship with it.

  • It is always cheaper to do it yourself than rely on a professional. However, some people still like to learn how to train budgies through professional consultations or through the use of a parakeet training guide.

Your Budgie’s Personality and Characteristics

As a dedicated pet owner, you should already know that each pet has its own personality. No matter the breed or the species, each one has its own points that make it so unique. The same, of course, applies to budgies.

Before starting the training, you have to know if there are any personality pointers that may affect your budgie’s learning. For example, your budgie might naturally be an impatient bird, which may slow down or speed up its response when given a command. On the other hand, your budgie might go crazy every time it sees food, so it will be harder for you to reward it properly for performing a trick correctly.

Even if you have little knowledge of your bird before training it, you must still learn everything you can during the training. The process of getting to know one another is one worth undertaking, especially with a clever bird like the budgie.

Basic Parakeet Training

Getting into pet budgie training is easier than it sounds. There are many references for first time trainers to use when learning how to train budgies. A good pet shop will have at least one parakeet training guide to help you get along.

There are various budgie training methods, but it mostly starts out with the most basic of lessons. This is learning how to get your budgie under careful control. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Get your budgie to first familiarize itself with you.
  • Offer it treats and talk gently to encourage it to trust you.
  • When it is not so nervous, coax the budgie into going onto your hand or finger.
  • It helps to associate an easy to repeat noise for your budgie’s feeding time, so that it will come to you every time you make it.
  • Once it is already comfortable in going on your hand, start letting it become accustomed to the room outside its cage.
  • Encourage the bird to return to the cage on its own or when you call it, using treats to act as bribes.

This basic groundwork for teaching a budgie may take a long time to learn, no matter how smart the bird is. It is best to always do it with patience and care, and to not go for more than twenty minutes at a time as more than that may give the pet unneeded stress.

Getting Your Budgie to Speak

After teaching your budgie the most basic of lessons, you can then turn to trying speech imitation. The simplest way to start teaching your budgie how to speak is to start by repeating a small word or phrase every time you see your budgie.

It will require a lot of sessions where you will have to sit with your bird and say the same thing over and over for about ten minutes or so. However, it is rewarding when the smart budgie eventually picks it up. It is also best not to teach the bird anymore new phrases or words until it has already gotten into the habit of saying the first one.

It is prudent to note, however, that not all budgies can pick up direct speech. Some may only be able to do certain sounds. It is also found that male budgies tend to be better at words than females.

Budgie Training Tips

There are always some extra things to learn in improving your technique in pet budgie training. Some of the most important budgie training tips that you must keep in mind include:

  • Taking it easy

The key to the whole training is to take things slow and steady. It is unreasonable to expect the bird to learn something in a short amount of time.

  • Soft words

It is better to talk to your budgie with gently spoken words, especially if it is still new to you. Loud noises and sudden movements will startle it and completely knock it out of the mood for training.

  • Safety first

Always make sure, before opening the cage, that all exits and entrances are blocked and/or closed, and that there are no other animals around that are liable to try to catch it. If it is the first time you let the budgie out of its cage, it may be very nervous, and the last thing you want is the bird managing to escape in panic.

  • Lots of patience

It takes slow and steady dedication to effectively do budgie training. You will have to persevere if you want to train budgie.


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